The Beinhorn Vocal Method liberates a performer to sing with passion and consistency. The method contains simple principles, practical exercises, and custom coaching.

Singers, songwriters, actors discover a new strength to sing with ease by reducing throat tension, increasing vocal range and power, increasing self confidence and audience connection, and expressing full resonant tonal quality.

It is a multi-dimensional approach to peak performance that integrates mind (psychology, emotion), body (acoustic, physiology), and spirit (connection).

Debbie's methods and insights for working with performers are a result of 35 years of experience and research with thousands of singers. Her methods were documented with the internationally recognized otolaryngologist, Dr. Van Lawrence. Dr. Richard Stasney and Baylor Medical University have since established the Van Lawrence Voice Institute.

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"Had a great time on the weekend and picked up some awesome tricks! I think I was most happy to learn that there is a method of getting things to happen in our bodies, that will allow us to do what we once thought was impossible. I never thought I'd be able to sound like me, without putting strain where it wasn't supposed to go. Never thought I would be able to hit high notes without killing myself to get there!”

Logan Pepper
Singer, Songwriter, Producer

"Throughout more than 30 years of vocal training, employing numerous coaches, exercises and vocal ’techniques,’ I cannot say that I’ve ever encountered a methodology of vocal training as easy to grasp, as logical or as systematic in its presentation of fundamental vocal production concepts as the Beinhorn Method."

Patty Cobb, Vocalist "Soundtrax" Quartet,
Top 10 Finalist, Sweet Adelines
International Competition