1973 Professional career begins as a jingle singer at the famous Summitt Burnett Studios in Dallas, TX.

1974 Lead singer in live performances and touring

1976 Debbie and reknowned otolaryngologist (ENT), Dr. Van Lawrence at the Houston Medical Center began research for the Beinhorn Vocal Method

1977 Founded The Singers Workshop Studios.

1985 - 1988 Beinhorn trained Clint Black vocally, did song preproduction, recorded demo for RCA in her studio and performed onstage with him for the RCA showcase.

1989 Killin' Time Clint Black album

1991-1994 Beinhorn wrote the vocal column in this Performing Songwriter magazine.

2003 Coached Bree Wall, finalist of American Idol along with Kimberly Caldwell 7th Place Finalist American Idol. More pictures here.

Debbie has lectured at South by Southwest on many occasions, as well as spoken at Songwriting workshops at various venues.

Rob Fraboni, record producer (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Beachboys, Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge, etc.) and Debbie Beinhorn at South by Southwest Music Conference Austin, TX

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"Debbie Beinhorn has been one of "Performing Songwriter" magazine’s biggest assets. Her column on vocal technique is consistently useful, understandable, and always enlightening. From the large amount of positive feedback we receive on her from our readers, it’s clear that Debbie knows what she’s talking about and I’d recommend her work to anyone."

Lydia Hutchinson,
Editor and Publisher
"Performing Songwriter" magazine

“As I was taking photos of approximately 11 students of different ages, gender, vocal styles and skill sets, I could not help but notice the dramatic changes to their singing voices. I was awestruck on the fact that every person improved in the “quality” of their voices. Debbie Beinhorn is a maverick in her industry and her teaching style is positive in vocalization and with life-lessons. Her attention to detail with the unique artistry to make noticeable changes to one’s vocal aptitude is mind-blowing!”

Mel Arenas
Photographer, Music Fan