"PASSION not perfection! There is no limit to human potential! ANYONE CAN SING! Anyone with the DESIRE to sing, can develop the ABILITY to sing! The nearly 10,000 singers I've trained have taught ME this!"
Debbie Beinhorn

When we catch the spirit of things, we catch the "essence", the essence of the song or the essence of the heart. When we tune into that spirit, that is when we hit the "zone".

We love that "magic" moment….the moment when music comes alive! That supernatural connection between music and spirit is something everyone knows. We've all felt that RUSH of energy…… when the singer FEELS the song.…..when the music MOVES the listener! Debbie Beinhorn teaches how to find and KEEP that magical "whoosh" sensation fresh after the umpteenth time you've practiced or performed a song!

Since 1976, voice expert, Debbie Beinhorn, has shown singers, actors and public speakers how to keep this FUN ALIVE while training and performing. They learn to easily overcome the normal limitations of throat tension, lack of power, range limits, lack of resonant tonal quality, hoarseness, stage fright, and finally….no more "safe" singing or boring speeches! Beinhorn's tricks take them into this "magic" zone that goes beyond words and melody!

As a world renowned vocal coach and vocal producer, Debbie Beinhorn is recognized by both the medical community and the music industry for having developed a contemporary system of voice training and artist development known as the Beinhorn Vocal Method. This refreshingly multi-dimensional approach results in peak performance and vocal longevity.

Beinhorn's vocal insights were gained through a lifetime of experience and intuition, not formal training. By experimenting, not imitating other methods, her discoveries went beyond logic. Beinhorn's vocal theories were developed and documented with the internationally acclaimed otolaryngologist, Dr. Van Lawrence of the Van Lawrence Voice Institute at Baylor College of Medicine. This is not your average "run the scales, sing from the diaphragm" vocal method!

With her combined experience as a vocal coach and vocal producer, Debbie Beinhorn can analyze the current state of a person's "vocal instrument" and performance potential immediately! She also hears a singers' ability to develop their own unique "signature" sound. Beinhorn knows how to take them to the next level!

As a vocal coach, she shows singers, actors and public speakers how to build their strength, coordination and versatility with practical body building exercises. Her revolutionary concepts synchronize the psychological, physical and emotional properties of the mind, body and spirit as a balanced "vocal instrument".

As a vocal producer, she shows the singer how to "tell each song's story" and deliver a performance that connects with the listener! Keeping that energy connection between the song, the singer and the audience is crucial. It is the key to ultimate communication that transcends into the performance zone!

For 30 years, Beinhorn founded and maintained the Singers Workshop Studios….her vision of the ultimate artist development environment! Singers developed EVERYTHING under one roof…. voice, songwriting, preproduction, studio recording, stage performance and music career counseling. This "one of a kind" facility trained talent with practical experience, not just technique!

Singers and actors develop more than their voice, they shape careers! Debbie Beinhorn has developed talent for managers, producers and record labels such as Universal, Island Def Jam Music Group, RCA, Atlantic, MCA, Curb, Sony/Epic, A&M, Arista, CBS, Warner Brothers, Capitol, Liberty, Warner Alliance, Asylum, plus numerous independent labels.

Since 1976, a documented 10,000 singers from amateurs to major recording artists have all trained with the Beinhorn Vocal Method. These include RCA's Country artist Clint Black, American Idol's Kimberly Caldwell, Aaron Spelling's actress Holly Marie Combs of "Charmed" TV series, Warner Alliance's Contemporary Christian band Caedmon's Call, Arista and Warner Brothers' Americana artist Pam Tillis, MCA's Kami Lyle, Island Def Jam Music Group's Stephen Wrabel, Curb Records' David Kersh, Universal's Gangsta' Rap Carlos Coy (South Park Mexican), Sony Records' Lewis Grizzard (singer, actor, stand up comic, author and columnist), Capitol's La Fiebre plus many, many more!

Author Debbie Beinhorn is also an entertaining and inspirational public speaker. Her keen sense of humor and vocal knowledge keep her in demand for lectures nationwide. She wrote the voice column for the "Performing Songwriter" magazine for 4 years and newsletter articles for numerous songwriter organizations. She also wrote and produced the CD of the Beinhorn Vocal Method Warmup Exercises and the Beinhorn Basics book.

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"With a method she's developed with science and experience, I’ve watched her drastically improve singers’ performances in minutes with tools that will serve them throughout their careers."

John Braheny,
Best selling Author
"The Craft and Business of Songwriting"

"Debbie Beinhorn saved my singing career with her wisdom of voice. Also as a studio engineer, I still use her intuitive lessons to get great vocal performances."

Randy Miller,
Grammy Award Winning Engineer
Vocalist "Zen Archer"

"Nothing can surpass the ability of the voice for the soulful expression of the human experience."

Dr. Richard Stasney,
Texas Voice Center

"She's like a race car mechanic. She tunes up the singer so I can drive it."

Pat McMakin,
Record Producer, Sony Tree Studios

"Who and what, is Debbie Beinhorn? The answer: She is a singer, a performer, a healer, a producer, a recording studio owner, a vocal coach, a conduit, a fluke. Take your pick!

What she has never called herself, (but what she is), is a philosopher."

Texxas Magazine